The Green Bag S

The Green Bag S

Size: 22×22×22 cm / 10,6 l

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Price: 39,00 €

The Green Bag is reusable, very easy to clean and will bring a fun splash of colour to your garden. If you are limited with growing space, the Green Bag will help you make it an area you can enjoy where plants will thrive. Whether you are growing fresh herbs, healthy vegetables, flowers or sweet scented fruits, the Green Bag will add another dimension to your garden or patio. It is made of high-strength polyester with a PVC layer on both sides and it’s suitable for outdoor use.

At the end of the growing season they can be folded away and stored for the following year.

Stop using plastic grow bags and boring old brown pots – invest in a fun Green Bag for life!

· High Quality 100% PVC
· Easy to Maintain
· UV / Stain / Heat / Tear / Mould Resistant

· S 22×22×22 cm / 10,6 l
· M 50×50×30 cm / 75 l
· L 80×80×40 cm / 256 l
· XL 100×100×50 cm / 500 l

Product Life / UV Resistance: More than 4 years

Use: Outdoors

Package Contains: 1 pc of The Green Bag, 2 pcs of separation fabric, Manual